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Empties #2 (english version)


today´s Post is going to be a Product-Empties Post in which I will show you all the products I finished up completely. I love writing this kind of Post because of the fact that I can give you a adequate opinion about the products after using them frequently and completely. My aim is to tell you which products are worth buying and which not. I will only review products which are available internationally and I hope you like the Post!! 

benefit HOOLA Bronzer 
A very good product which can be used by all skin types. This bronzer applies and blends really well and makes the complexion look nicer and somehow healthier. The only negative point is the price by being 33.00€ which is a lot for a bronzer. Therefore I searched for a dupe from the drugstore and found a sun glow bronzer which is also matte by the brand CATRICE, so please comment down below if you want me to write a blogpost on that one. The bronzer is all in all really good for bronzing and for conturing!! 

essence ROAD TRIP allround balm
My absolute favorite product which I used up in a very short time because it was such a wonderful product. The smell as well as the consistence were absolutely gorgeous! I used the product for my lips, as well as for my cuticles and other parts of my body which were very dry. The allround balm by essence was part of the Road Trip Limited Edition, so that it is not available in the drugstore anymore but I linked it down below for you so that you can buy it online if you are interested. 

ciaté mini nail colour - fit for a queen 078 
A really great nail colour which has the most incredible packaging ever!! I adore the design of the product as well as the product itself because the application of this polish is good and it is absolutely opaque in one layer which is ununsual in this colour. I can absolutely recommend buying this nail polish!! 

essence studio nails ultra gloss nail shine 
This is a top coat by essence which aims to make the nail polish look very shiny and it did his job good during the first 5 applications, but it developed into a really thick formula and was really hard to apply after a while. Therefore the nails looked very thick and the polish needed much time to dry, so I cannot recommend this to you. 

NIVEA Anti-Transpirant satin sensation 
My favorite brand in terms of deodorant is NIVEA because mainly all their products are really good. This deodorant smells really good and dried qiuckly. I can absolutely recommend you to go and smell the NIVEA deodorants and try one of them because they are very good in my opinion. 

I hope you like this post and am looking forward to read your comments <3 

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