Sonntag, 22. Januar 2017

Pan that Palette 2017 | Intro

last year´s Pan that Palette opened my eyes and made me want to use more of what I have. It was very hard for me to focus on one palette what made me pick 3 palettes for this year´s Pan that Palette.

1. Careline Palette
The palette on the left side consists of shades which I couldn´t finish up last year. I depotted them into a smaller container and will make it a point to finish those shadows during this year. My goal is to finish up the beige shade and one corner of the olive shade before the next update.

2. p2 Safari Limited Edition Sunset Duo
This duo was part of my Finish 17 by 2017 Project Pan where I wanted to hit pan on the light shade - and I did! I want to finish this duo completely as the lid of the container broke some months ago and I hate using products which have a bad packaging. My goal is to hit pan on the peachy shadow by the next update.

3. Lancôme Color Design Palette
This is such a beautiful eyeshadow palette which I didn´t use for such a long time - but now it´s one of my oldest palettes and I really need to focus on using it more often. My goal is to hit pan on the metallic copper shade which will be a lot of fun :)

I am looking forward using such beautiful shades and coming up with new make-up looks everytime I use them! What are you panning this year?

Adi <3

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