Montag, 23. Januar 2017

Project Polish 2017 | Intro


as my first Project Polish went well abd I finished up 9 fullsize bottles of polish, I decided to start another one this year.

1. Catrice CO5 Doris' Darling
This is a very old polish which was part of a limited edition in 2012. It is a dark violett which is beautiful as it is such an amazing winter colour. I definitely need to finish this nail polish in the first half of 2017.

2. Maybelline 357 Burgundy Kiss
I absolutely love this polish and this is my third bottle of it, the problem is that it dries out very quickly - therefore this polish is in this project.

3. p2 Hypnotic Lights 010 starshine
Love!! I have no words for this polish as it is such a pretty glitter polish which is opaque and has a very nice finish. Beautiful <3

4. p2 Color Victim 830 perfectly good
This is also such a nice color which is suitable for winter - I definitely am looking forward using this.

5. essence 31 electriiiiiic
I decided to involve this polish as well as this will be a pop of color in this project - it definitely is a more difficult shade to paint but I think I will be able to use it up.

6. essence 111 english rose
As I have a lot of bright colors in this project polish I decided to take this browny shade in as well.

7. essence 02 always on my mint
I finish up a bottle of this kind of polish every year as I love mint nails - this will be no problem to finish up.

8. p2 Rich Care + Color 010 so pure
This is a rollover from my Project Polish 2016 and my goal is to use this polish up during the first 3 months of 2017.

9. Estée Lauder 10 White Petal
Especially during spring I love such nice pastel colors! I am looking forward using this <3

10. essence top speed gloss
The following polish dries very quickly when using this top coat, so this needed to be in here as well.

11. Manhatten Crazy Colours
A violett polish which has such nice glitter particles was very hard to find which was the excuse why I didn´t use it for such a long time - now I decided to use it up completely.

12. L´oreal Resist & Shine 125.
Pink and black polishes are my favorite ones therefore this one will be fairly easy for me to use up :)

These are all of the polishes I want to use up in 2017, a very nice collection which consists of bright and nude polishes and I am so happy to start another Project Polish !

Adi <3

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