Dienstag, 27. Juni 2017

Project Polish 2017 | #1 Update

this is the first update regarding my Project Polish 2017. Using these polishes for 6 months now, feels amazing as I could finish up 3 nail polishes and declutter one. I also added 6 into polishes into the project as I am making good progress :)
1. Catrice CO5 Doris' Darling
This is a very old polish which was part of a limited edition in 2012. I used it a lot.

2. Maybelline 357 Burgundy Kiss
I absolutely love this polish and this is my third bottle of it, the problem is that it dries very quickly and changes consitency after a few months of use- I put the rest of the p2 polish into this bottle therefore there is glitter in the polish.

3. p2 Hypnotic Lights 010 starshine 
DONE! I have no words for this polish as it was such a pretty glitter polish <3

4. p2 Color Victim 830 perfectly good
This is also such a nice color, but I didn´t use it because it changed its conistency. I will declutter it :(

5. essence 31 electriiiiiic
I painted my nails 3 times using this color and will try to make as much progress as I can this month.

6. essence 111 english rose 
I didn´t use this polish although I have so many bright shades in this Project :(

7. essence 02 always on my mint 
I love mint nails and made a lot of progress.

8. p2 Rich Care + Color 010 so pure 
DONE!! I finished this bad boy up completely and really loved the color.

9. Estée Lauder 10 White Petal
Especially during spring I love such nice pastel colors! I used this polish several times.

10. essence top speed gloss
DONE!! This top coat is finished up completely and I will never buy another top coat from essence again.

11. Manhatten Crazy Colours
A violett polish which has such nice glitter particles <3 I love this polish.

12. L´oreal Resist & Shine 125
I love pink nails and decided to even put one more pink shade into this project.

Additional polishes:

13. essence multi dimension polish 77 call it fame
This is a true red polish which I will love to use as I have a red lipstick in my Finish 4 by the 4th of July challenge. I think that I will have a lot of progress until the next update.

14. essence polish in 127 i love bad boys
This is a rollover of my Project Polish 2016 and I really want to finish this nail polish up completely!

15. Rimmel 445 French Rose
I love this polish <3 this is the replacement polish for the nude polish from p2, it is perfect for French Manicures.

16. Manhatten 950 Black is Back
I always use black polish and am loving the look of it. I think this one will be finished very quickly.

17. Kiko nail laquer in 299
I had this polish for ages and never used it, but I always loved the color. Now I want to use it up.

18. L´oréal Jet Set Polish in 501
Such a pretty redish pink shade which will look awesome in the summer!

I hope you enjoyed the blogpost :)

Adi <3

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